The American multimillionaire Dan Bilzerian is an internet megastar – he has a fortune and an enormous number of followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The majority of people are impressed by his huge houses,  expensive cars, fancy hobbies and of course by his lavish lifestyle. And the rich American gives them always an opportunity to follow his fabulous life. Actually, being always there for his fans ads to Dan’s popularity every day.

Dan Bilzerian has it all and he shows off with pride and happiness. The Instagram-King has an Instagram profile overloaded with beautiful photos of his fortune – cars, expensive champagne, fancy cars and money, a lot of money and guns in almost every picture. Additionally, he always posts photos of expensive dinners in luxurious restaurants or photos of parties in nightclubs.

The answer everybody wants to know is how Dan Bilzerian got rich – thanks to his popularity or maybe he is popular as a result of his fortune. The King of Instagram claims to have earned his fortune in the gambling industry. And, of course, he is more than popular in this field. The American multimillionaire is part of the gambling industry since he was 20 years old.

Today Dan Bilzerian plays together with his brother Adam Bilzerian, who is also a professional poker player. Dan’s beginnings in this industry weren’t that easy and smooth as today – he lost all of his investments during the first rounds when he was younger.

However, it seems that Dan Bilzerian learned his lesson fast and got back in the gambling industry. His comeback was characterized only by winning – and that’s how the career of Dan Bilzerian as a professional poker player officially started.

There are many stores and rumors about the fortune of this American multimillionaire – and every single one of them can be found online. However, Dan’s official story about his life and fortune is also confirmed and narrated by Dan, himself. Dan Bilzerian continues to play poker professionally and to finance therby his luxurios life.

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